Recognizing Racism (Part 5)

By | July 28, 2011

Definition:   Recognizing racism is the ability to discern the presence of negative racial stereotyping and its effect and relevance to the current situation presenting itself.
Our final blog post on the subject of Recognizing Racism is a critical look at the Republican Party’s response to our first African American President . . .  whoever he/she may be or could have been.

Just Say NO, “its Personal”

A critical lesson not only in politics but also in race relations is generously being presented to us through the lens of Washington lawmakers. There has always been dissension and discord between the two political parties because of their “ideological” differences but I suggest that this time it “is personal.” Typically, only the discovery of “inappropriate behavior,” personal and/or legal by a President, has the opposing party presenting dialogue to destroy his credibility and therefore legitimacy to remain in office.  Not this time; this time “it’s personal.”

Our first African American President has committed no person indiscretion, has in fact, a lovely intact marriage and family. Our first African American President has committed no legal or political crime, is in fact a Harvard University educated Constitutional lawyer who has been a professor of Constitutional Law.  Our first African American President nevertheless has been attacked over two irrefutable documented facts, his citizenship and his educational qualifications. The Republican Party has tried to cast doubt on these two irrefutable facts to challenge his eligibility, credibility and legitimacy to be President of the United States. This is a first and a real low point for this country and the Republican Party. This is personal.

The Republican Party has loftily announced that the single and most important focus and purpose of this Republican congress is to make certain that the Presidency of our first African American President is limited to only one term. They have not said why or elaborated on how his agenda, policies or practices had led them to this crusade. They, in fact, announced their intentions the first week of his Presidency before he could propose or enact anything.

The Republican Party is NOT focused on our economy. The Republican Party is NOT focused on our unemployment. The Republican Party is NOT focused on our foreign wars. The Republican Party is NOT focused on the needs and welfare of America or on us, the American people. The Republican Party IS FOCUSED only on removing the first African American President from office which they loftily stated during his first week in office as his family unpacked at the White House.

The Republican Party has proudly and loudly pronounced their PRIMARY strategy and focus. It is that they will just so No to anything and everything proposed in this Congress thereby obstructing everything. They will say No even to those things that they have proposed if “he” endorses them. They will say No because they want him to fail, country and citizens be damned.

They want “THEIR” America back.

He must fail.

It’s personal. It’s racist.

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PREVIEW: August’s discussion is on The Realities of Racism, what it feels, smells, tastes and looks like to the victimized.  We look at the physical, psychological, emotional, financial and social implications of is effects. All of the writings presented in August cite the Jackson family as an example of how American Racism is not limited to just those who can’t protest too loudly. These writings are presented as a tribute to the strength and grace of the Jackson family, against all obstacles.

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